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Actress Erin Doherty Moves From 'The Crown' To New Thriller 'Chloe'

Actress Erin Doherty Moves From 'The Crown' To New Thriller 'Chloe'

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The star shares about leaving the hit Netflix franchise and launching Amazon's new series

For two seasons fans of the Netflix, Emmy-winning sensation The Crown, got to know Erin Doherty as Princess Anne. Now she's leaving 'royal life' as the Queen's only daughter and moving to Amazon Prime Video's new social media thriller, called; Chloe.

Chloe Premieres June 24th on Prime Video

Chloe is a psychological thriller. Doherty plays a women consumed by social media who becomes obsessed with the Instagram account of a childhood friend with a seemingly perfect life. We talked with Doherty about the real-life implications of the show;

"I feel like we all, across the generations, are falling victim to how much social media is just taking ahold of our lives. Sometimes it just takes a show like this to show you exactly what this behavior is in order for you to question it and change things that maybe don't work for you or you didn't think of before".

When Chloe mysteriously dies, Erin's character assumes a new identity and tries to infiltrate Chloe's friend group hoping to get answers about her death.

Among that 'friend group' are characters played by Brandon Micheal Hall and Pippa Bennett-Warner. The actors shared with us about the role social media plays in the new series;

"Every single conversation that we're having in all six episodes is something that I think this generation and whoever else is addicted to social media, is going through but probably is just a little bit too afraid to discuss...which is the mental health aspect of what social media can do and what it does".

Erin Is Not Returning To The Crown

As for Erin's other show, The Crown, she will not be in season five as a new group of actors will be taking over the royal roles at older ages. Actress Claudia Harrison will be playing Erin's character (Princess Anne) in season 5 which is due to hit Netflix in November of 2022. As Erin told us;

"I'm done now. Honestly I know, I'm gutted. But the deal is you get two goes, two seasons, and then on to the next. So I've passed the baton. And I'm honestly I'm chuffed to have passed it and I'm really excited to see the next lot take over the roles".

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