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Chad Michael Murray Talks Working With Bruce Willis In 'Fortress'

Arthur Kade caught up the antagonist of Fortress, Chad Michael Murray, in this week's edition of Hollywood Insider.

One Tree Hill icon Chad Michael Murray took on the role of "villain" in new action film Fortress, but he wasn't doing it alone! The star had the unforgettable opportunity to work alongside legendary actors Bruce Willis and Jesse Metcalfe.

The movie sees the alienated son Paul Michaels (Metcalfe) take a visit to the hidden resort Robert Michaels (Willis) is settling at. Unfortunately, Frederick Balzary (Murray) tracks Paul and ends up crossing paths with an old foe. Balzary and his team clash with Robert in his fortress, but it turns out to be anything but your typical heist movie. Involving cryptocurrency and cyber crimes, the motion picture is unlike your run-of-the-mill, ordinary robbers-and-cash flick.

"Well everything was brick-and-mortar back then, right? Well, now it's all hacking and getting into the mainframe, and I think you can hack from anywhere. But what I think is fascinating about 'Fortress' is that it's a combination of two. We have to break into the brick-and-mortar fortress in order to use the right individuals to get what we want back out of this crypto world," Murray said.

As long is Bruce Willis in the film, the audience can rest assured they're in for some action. For Murray, the feeling was surreal to actually be able to work alongside the icon.

"Being such a John McClane 'Die Hard' fan, I think you can't help but geek out a little bit. He's all 'hit me, hit me on this one... come on, let me have it,' and I'm like... 'you sure?'
I can't be the guy hitting Bruce Willis like... come on man, you know you're not 30 anymore. Let's lay off the gas. He's committed still and he wanted me to do it so I said okay, let's do it."

Fortress is in theaters now and available on demand.

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