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Celebrity Brand Collaborations You Forgot About

Celebrity Brand Collaborations You Forgot About
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When it comes to celebrity endorsements, they've got everything from bottled water to disposable undergarments covered.

Nowadays, sticking the face of any celebrity on a product is sure to boost its profitability. With musicians such as Travis Scott and J Balvin recently collaborating with McDonald's, we're looking back on other iconic celebrity brand deals.

Jay Leno x Burger King

Television host Jay Leno, known for his obsession with cars, is seen in this Burger King commercial ditching the drive through and going right up to the counter in his car, instead.

Drake x Sprite

About a decade ago, rapper Drake was in a commercial that showed fans how Sprite can get him through the long hours spent in the recording studio.

Kim Kardashian x Carl's Jr

Fast food chain Carl's Jr. has been known to step over to the raunchy side with commercials done not only by Kim Kardashian, but Paris Hilton, Charlotte McKinney and Kate Upton, too.

Rob Gronkowski x Dunkin' Donuts

Once upon a time, NFL tight-end Rob Gronkowski did a few commercials for Dunkin' Donuts.

Ariana Grande x T Mobile

Featuring her own song Side to Side, Ariana Grande helped promote T-Mobile's unlimited plan in this 2016 commercial.

Eminem x Brisk

In a claymation commercial that was voiced by the rapper himself, Eminem endorsed Brisk's iced teas during the Superbowl back in 2011.

Selena Gomez x Coca Cola

As we know, musicians love to promote drinks, so in 2016, singer Selena Gomez helped out the soda company with their "Share a Coke and a Song" ad campaign.

Helen Mirren x Wii Fit Plus

In this 2010 Nintendo commercial, actress Helen Mirren showed us how she works out from home - using her Wii, of course!

Katy Perry x H&M

To boost sales for the 2015 holiday season, clothing retailer H&M recruited singer Katy Perry to promote their "Happy & Merry" campaign.

Ozzy Osbourne and Justin Bieber x Best Buy

For a Best Buy Superbowl Commercial back in 2011, Ozzy and Sharon Osbourne appeared with a young Justin Bieber to promote the store's Buy Back Program.

Meghan Markle x Tostitos

Before Meghan Markle was brought under the spotlight for her role in Suits, she was just a woman shopping in a grocery store looking for some Tostitos tortilla chips.

Drew Barrymore x Crocs

For Croc's 2018 ad campaign, "Come As You Are," Drew Barrymore starred in a commercial singing about how the resin/polymer shoe bring comfort to any occasion.

Lisa Rinna x Depend

What better way to promote Depends than to have a reality star vouch for them! Lisa Rinna is featured in a 2012 commercial for the Depend Silhouette.

Donald Trump x Steaks

Briefly in 2007, Donald Trump started his own line of steaks, which were sold by QVC and Sharper Image. He really drives the product home when at the end of the commercial he says:

"Believe me- I understand steaks, it's my favorite food!"

Jamie Lee Curtis x Activia

Actress Jamie Lee Curtis has done several commercials for Dannon's Activia yogurt, and there have even been a few SNL skits about the endorsement.

Jennifer Aniston x Smart Water

These celebrities really do fully and whole-heartedly support these brands in their every day life, so Smart Water decided to show this in a 2015 commercial. Jennifer Aniston parodies her home life as seen by her home security cameras with tons of cases of Smart Water seen in her home.

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Claudia Rufa

Claudia is 20 years old, lives in Yorktown Heights, NY, & attends Marist College.

Claudia is 20 years old, lives in Yorktown Heights, NY, & attends Marist College.