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Catch The ‘Sweet Home Sextuplets’ Mid-Season Premiere Tonight

'Sweet Home Sextuplets' Captures NINE Kids In Quarantine! | Celebrity Page

'Sweet Home Sextuplets' mid-season premiere is tonight!

Quarantine has been hard enough for the rest of us, but can you imagine being stuck in a mobile home with nine children? The Waldrops don't have to it has been their reality.

This TLC reality show, Sweet Home Sextuplets, first aired in September of 2018 and is now in its third season. This season follows the Waldrop family, all 11 of them, in the chaos of quarantine. The couple has three older sons, Saylor, Bridge, and Wales in addition to their sextuplets, Rivers, Rayne, Rawlings, Lawyke, Blu, and Tag. Not only did the parents and their nine children have to quarantine together, but they couldn't even do it in their normal home. After a brief hiatus, the show's first episode since July 14 airs tonight! Courtney and Eric Waldrop joined us to talk a little bit about what their lives have been like amidst the COVID-19 pandemic and quarantine. Courtney stated:
It was already hard with 11 people in this tiny area. We were counting down the days to get to move back into our house. Then when quarantine hit it's like everything shut down.

With 11 people in the house, not only did they have to worry about where each person could stay, but also where to put all of their belongings:

In the mobile home they all shared a room, but there was nowhere to put anything.

The Family

Courtney shared this sweet family photo on Instagram back in July.

The Show

TLC tweets a reminder for fans to tune in for the mid-season premiere of Sweet Home Sextuplets.

Catch the mid-season premiere tonight on TLC or stream it anytime on Hulu!

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