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Cassey Ho on Building a Fitness Empire & Advice For Women in Business

Cassey Ho on Building a Fitness Empire & Advice For Women in Business
Anita Zamani

Original wellness influencer Cassey Ho tells Advocate Now about building her fitness brand, and the first steps to take towards success.

As one of the original wellness influencers, Cassey Ho sits atop a fitness empire.

Best known for her brand Blogilates, Ho has been in the fitness business world for over 15 years. She first got her start on YouTube by teaching Pilates-style workouts, long before the exercise was mainstream. Ho shares she has always been drawn to it, and began practicing in her high school years.

Cassey Ho on Building a Fitness Empire

"I just really ended up loving the fact that it was something that I could do for myself by myself," she tells Sonia Baghdady of Advocate Now. "And I wasn't having to compete with anyone else. That's why I really love fitness."

While Ho's brand revolves around physical wellness, she is also a big proponent of mental wellness. She hopes her brand and her workouts can first and foremost instill confidence in her customers.

"I want them to feel confident in their body. I want them to feel flexible. I want them to feel strong," Ho says. "And that's really what it is. It's a feeling."

As a young woman entrepreneur, Ho knows that developing a business or brand is an uphill battle. For other women looking to enter the field, she says "just do it, but with love."

"Just do it. But also be be smart about it," she explains. "Like if you have a job right now and you don't enjoy it -- good. Tap into that feeling. Do more of the things that you do enjoy and try to figure out what it is and how you can help people with this new idea if you're trying to start a new business."

To Ho, the "most important" part of your work is to do something "that you actually enjoy."

She says: "It's about that longevity. And sometimes these ideas just take a long time for them to catch on. So you've got to love it so much. You've got to believe in it so much that your passion for it will take you out of those days where you just want to quit."

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