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Famous Friends Go Wild In New Buddy Games Movie

Buddy Games Official Trailer (2020)

New movie comedy Buddy Games just dropped on digital and VOD.

Are you missing hanging out with your friends, during this pandemic? The new movie Buddy Games will either make you miss them even more or make you happy you're in quarantine alone (depending on your sense of humor). The raunchy comedy is the directorial debut from Josh Duhamel who also co-stars in the movie along with Olivia Munn, Dax Shepard and Kevin Dillon.

Buddy Games on VOD, Digital and DVD Now

Advocate Channel caught up with co-star Kevin Dillon who told us what it was like to be directed by his friend, Josh Duhamel.

"He was great...I think he did a great job. It's gotta be one of the toughest things to do to direct and act in a movie, on top of producing and writing and everything else. But he killed it, he did an amazing job."

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