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Britney Spears Has Plans to Speak About Her Conservatorship in Court

Britney Spears Has Plans to Speak About Her Conservatorship in Court

Britney Spears

Britney is finally breaking her silence.

Britney Spears is finally going to break her silence on her conservatorship in court this year.

The past few years have been quite tumultuous for many, including the former pop sensation, Britney Spears. Since 2008, Spears has been in conservatorship under her father, James Spears. This means that everything she does or essentially says gets very closely monitored and guarded, and she has very little freedom.

Within the past year or so, Spears has caused quite a stir from fans and the media in general who noticed her odd behavior and presence on social media. Many closely watch her videos, posts, and captions, to try and decode any subliminal messages or signs that she is unhappy or seeking help. Since then, the hashtag and phrase #FreeBritney has been trending everywhere.

"I'm okay" says Spears

The most vocal Spears has gotten on the matter is in videos like this Q&A, wherein she answers three questions; one about if she gets dizzy from spinning when she dances, what a red refrigerator Instagram post on her feed means, and if she is okay, to which she replied and said that she was perfectly okay and happy, without addressing the matter directly.

As of June 23rd, fans will no longer need to decode Instagram captions or subliminal messages from the Toxic singer. Soon, Spears will be able to speak out on her conservatorship in a court appearance.

On Tuesday, her lawyer Samuel Ingham told Judge Brenda Penny, "The conservatee has requested that I seek from the court a status hearing at which she can address the court directly."

This will be Britney's first time speaking in court since she sought to oust her father as conservator last fall.

Ingham also outlined that Britney requested for the hearing to be on an "expedited basis," driving Judge Penny to set the hearing for Wednesday, June 23 at 1:30 pm.

Part of the uproar that comes with the #FreeBritney movement is that conservatorships are usually reserved for incapacitated individuals, unlike the presumably capable Spears.

While Britney has explicit plans to be vocal ahead of the court hearing, her voice on social media remains silent, while she posts content that does not pertain to anything surrounding the issue.

Silence on Socials

Here's to hoping Britney can get her freedom back soon.

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