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More On Britney Spears' Court Date and the Split of JLo and ARod

More On Britney Spears' Court Date and the Split of JLo and ARod

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'US Weekly' joins us to spill the latest dish on Britney Spears' court date to fight her father's conservatorship, as well as details on the Jennifer Lopez and Alex Rodriguez split.

US Weekly Correspondent Christina Garibaldi sat down with us to talk about the latest news with Britney Spears and the split between Jennifer Lopez and Alex Rodriguez.

Britney Spears' Upcoming Court Date

Grammy-winning performer Britney Spears officially has a court date to transfer her conservatorship from father James Spears to Brittany's professional care manager of the last two years Jodie Montgomery.

According to US Weekly Correspondent Christina Garibaldi,

"... her attorney will file a petition to ask the court to make Jodie Montgomery her permanent conservator."

Spears Won't Perform as Long as Her Father's in the Picture

Due to mental health issues, Spears' financial affairs and daily life has been managed by her father in the name of the law, a responsibility Britney reveals James has abused. James has been Britney's conservator since 2008 and she has had enough. To express the seriousness of the situation, Spears has sworn to not perform as long as her dad is her conservator.

Details Behind the JLo and ARod Split

It's official, singer and actress Jennifer Lopez and World Series champion Alex Rodriguez have called it quits after a two-year-long engagement.

Garibaldi goes on to explain the cause of the split stating,

"A source does tell 'US Weekly' that it wasn't just one thing that caused the split, they just couldn't make it work and it was a mutual decision."

Of course, the two still want to keep things civil and cordial for the sake of their children.

We wish the best for Spears, Lopez, and Rodriguez during this time.

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