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Brandy Clark Celebrates 'Return to Home' in New Self-Titled Album

Brandy Clark Celebrates 'Return to Home' in New Self-Titled Album
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Brandy Clark tells Equal Entertainment about working with Brandi Carlile on her most personal album yet.

Brandy Clark's most recent album is her most personal yet.

The out country musician released her self-titled album in May, and has since been riding the high of her "return to home." She tells Tracy E. Gilchrist of Equal Entertainment that while "all of my records have been me or parts of me, but this one's definitely the most me."

Brandy Clark Discusses Solo Album & Brandi Carlile Collab

"In making this record with Brandi [Carlile], it was a return to home of sorts, like a return to home to the Northwest," she explains. "And really a return home of all the reasons why I ever wanted to write songs, and sing songs, and play music to begin with. I was reintroduced to that through Brandi and making this record."

Brandi Carlile served as a producer on Clark's album, and was also a source of inspiration for many of its themes. Clark shares that Carlile was the one who originally pitched that she explore her northwestern roots

"One thing she said that really intrigued me was: 'I see this as your return to the Northwest,'" she recalls. "Because even though I've lived in Nashville for twenty five years, I grew up in Washington State, not all that far from where Brandi grew up. And that was really intriguing to me, because I've never really talked about the Northwest in any of my songs."

Clark says that she traveled back to the Northwest to write some of the songs on her album, including one titled "Northwest". It was a way to explore her "truth," which she reveals is the "key" in her songwriting.

"Those of us that write songs a lot, we can all write a song. But to write one that matters, that's really what we're after," she says. "And I think for me, an entry point is the truth. Even if the truth gets stretched, if I can start in the truth, the song will matter."

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