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Hector is looking back on Bosch's huge success!

They say all good things must come to an end.

Hector stars in the detective drama as Bosch's partner, Jerry, as the two try to wrap up a pair of murder investigations.

"It's going to be personal lives that show up on your doorstep. Your life is going to show up on a doorstep of each character in 'Bosch,'" Hector said.

Hector's character also leans on his comrades at personal low points throughout the season, which is a feeling he hopes audiences can connect with.

"[Jerry's] going to dig his head out of that sand, with the help of his team. That's what you have friends for. That's what you have partners for. That's why you have people that go way beyond the job to help you get through hard times."

The star is also celebrating Bosch's success, as the show currently ranks as the most popular and longest-running series on Prime Video.

"So many people gravitated towards it. The numbers rose. I'm just excited that we were able to provide that service to people, because your time is valuable and we respect your time."

You can look back and watch all seven seasons on Amazon Prime Video.

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