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Horror, Comedy and Satire Take on Inherent Racism in "Bad Hair"

Systemic Racism Examined in the Horror/ Comedy Film "Bad Hair"

The new Justin Simien film "Bad Hair" integrates comedy along with horror and social satire in it's telling of a young black woman's struggle to achieve upward mobility in an industry where racist societal norms of beauty are stacked against her. The most egregious feature not working in her favor? Her hair.

While the premise of a possessed hair weave might sound a little over the top, it is an allegorical representation of the challenge black women face in trying to conform to Corporate America's cookie-cutter version of beauty and elegance. Making sure to infuse enough comedy into the narrative is the thing, and in the hands of Justin Simien (Dear White People) and a cast that gets the joke, the comprehensive points are not overlooked either. Cast members Elle Lorraine, Lena Waithe and Kelly Rowland joined us on this #SeeHER segment to offer some insight to the story and to share some of their own experiences as African American women who struggle with their self image as a result of what is portrayed in the media as beautiful.

"We've only seen images that are represented of, are representations of beauty that look nothing like us so subconsciously we start to tell ourselves things." Elle Lorraine

So if you're in the mood for some Halloween scares, with a shot of humor and social message chaser, check out "Bad Hair" available for Streaming on Hulu tonight!

Bad Hair - Trailer (Official) • A Hulu Originalwww.youtube.com

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