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Here's Who Katie Chose on 'The Bachelorette' Season Finale

And the winner of ABC's The Bachelorette is...

(SPOILERS AHEAD) Katie Thurston made her choice on the season finale of ABC'sThe Bachelorette last night.

And the winner is...Blake Moynes!

But before the couple got engaged, Katie has her final dates with Justin and Blake.

Her date with Blake goes great, and she even confesses her love for him, but things didn't go as well for Justin. Before their date was even underway, Katie sat Justin down and shared her feelings for Blake.

All things considered, Justin takes it pretty well, and the two part ways with a teary hug.

Watch their conversation here:

1. Justin Goes Home

Now that only one man remains, and it is obvious who Katie has chosen, all that's left is the epic proposal.

With a sweeping desert view behind them, the couple professed their love for one another and get engaged.

Before Blake got down on one knee, Katie said:

"Blake, I always thought you showed up late, but if there's anything I've learned during our journey together is that love shows up when it wants regardless of time, tradition, expectations, and that's why we're standing right here in this very moment. You showed up exactly when you were meant to show up."

2. The Engagement

In addition to the engagement, the season finale also allowed the former contestants to speak to Katie face-to-face.Along with Justin, Greg, who unexpectedly left the show last week, joined Katie onstage for an intense discussion.

In this conversation, Katie accused Greg of being phony and acting on the show for exposure. Greg, taken aback, denied these claims and tried to reassure her that his feelings were real.

Watch the confrontation here:

3. Katie and Greg Reunite

The episode concluded with the newly engaged Katie and Blake joining Kaitlyn Bristowe and Tayshia Adams for their first interview.

In it, Katie even revealed that her family still did not know that she and Blake were engaged and were finding out on the show just like the rest of the viewers.

When asked if her experience on the show was worthwhile, Katie replied:

"1000 percent it was all worth it. I think everyone can agree that this is exactly who I was supposed to be with."

See their first interview here:

4. Katie and Blake's Interview

Can't get enough of The Bachelor? Well, you're in luck because the seventh season Bachelor in Paradise begins on Monday at 8 p.m. on ABC.

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