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Ayelet Zurer Opens Up On New Role In Apple TV+ Series 'Losing Alice'

Apple TV's new series Losing Alice is a gripping psychological thriller that's streaming now. Here is everything you need to know before diving into the world of Alice.

48-year-old Alice is a film director who finds herself feeling lost and irrelevant within her craft before meeting captivating, young screenwriter Sophie. Through the two's partnership, fascination and their path to achieve power and success spiral out of control.

Ayelet Zurer gives us insight on what Alice's mid-life crisis looks like:

"She's sort of frozen in time somehow and she meets Sophie who speaks to her about what she used to make, and suddenly ignites this fire underneath this whole thing. I think she realizes suddenly that that's what she wants and can't stop but going for it," Zurer said.

You may know Zurer from starring alongside Tom Hanks in the film Angles & Demons or the 2013 film Man of Steel. Zurer draws from her own experience in the entertainment business to relate to Alice:

"I feel like every writer or director, and actors for sure have somewhat of an element of running away from something in their lives, in their own selves; you want to have another journey, and that's what I think is addictive about what we do. I definitely relate to that as well and I think Alice is definitely there."

You can stream Losing Alice now on Apple TV+.

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