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Anthony Anderson Reflects on the impact of 'Black-ish'

Anthony Anderson Reflects on the impact of 'Black-ish'
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Actor and comedian Anthony Anderson spoke with Fox News Digital to reflect on his career and time on "Black-ish," as the series comes to an end with its final season.

When asked about the show's impact, he said,

"I don't know, man about the impact because I'm in it, you know. I’m just living in the moment,"

He continued,

"You should ask regular people the type of impact that it's had on them, all I know is that we just tell the stories that affect us as a community and the stories that we wanted to tell and how it affected this family and how it pushed the culture forward and kind of created and took control of our own narrative about what it was and how it affected us."

Anderson wholeheartedly believes the show has definitely played a part in generating growth and prosperity within Black communities.

“We're in the zeitgeist of the world, but I think that question is better asked to somebody who is outside of the culture or is a fan of the series."

Anderson also explained how his life as a performer has taken shape, revealing that he had dreamed of becoming an actor since being a child.

"This is a dream of mine since the age of nine – I'm 51 now, so I've been working at this craft for the last 42 years and I'm going to continue to work, I’m working hard every day to show what I can do and it's just about getting opportunities, creating opportunities for yourself – but still being a student of the craft and of the game. And you know, that's all I can say – it's worked for me."

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