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First Look at Amy Schumer's New Comedy Series 'Life & Beth'

"I am in a place where I just want to be totally raw about my biggest secrets,”

Hulu has revealed the official Life & Beth trailer for the upcoming dramedy. The series follows Beth, played by Amy Schumer, who embarks on a self-discovery journey after her seemingly perfect life turned out to be not-so-perfect at all.

But first, Beth must go on a trip down memory lane and confront her past before rediscovering who she is and what she wants in life.

In addition to starring in Life & Beth, Schumer also wrote, directed, and executive-produced the show. She recently opened up about how the upcoming series includes aspects of her own life.

Beth's romantic journey parallels Schumer's own in recent years. She meets an easygoing farmer (Michael Cera) who helps her find happiness and health, a character she admits is loosely based on her husband, Chris Fischer, the chef and farmer with whom she shares a son.

"It's based on themes from my life. But there is stuff that Beth does that really happened," she told Entertainment Weekly. "There's an episode where she flashes some boys. That happened to me. And episode 9 has a dark moment that's real."

Giving an overall summation of the series, the comedian said:

"It's really what I am thinking about every day, which is releasing your own shame and fear," she continued. "Because of these early traumas, we arm ourselves, and it's about letting go and trusting and how to let yourself figure out how to be happy."

Life & Beth premieres March 18 on Hulu.

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