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(Trailer) Amy Poehler Directs New Netflix Comedy 'Moxie'

Moxie | Official Trailer | Netflix

The former SNL and Parks and Rec star is directing her second movie in the Netflix original.

A trailer for the Netflix original film Moxie starring Amy Poehler and Hadley Robinson was just released, the second film Poehler has directed.

A Closer Look

The film is about a high school where sexual harassment and sexism run rampant, a school where Robinson's character has decided to keep her head down until graduation. That is, until she witnesses the sexual assault of a new girl by the captain of the football team. She retaliates against this action, starting an online movement she refers to as Moxie, that shoves her schools backwards gender dynamics into the 21st century.

Poehler Comes to the Big Screen

Of course best known for her iconic role as Leslie Knope on the NBC sitcom Parks and Rec, Poehler is no stranger to Hollywood either. She's had roles in Blades of Glory, Shrek the Third, and of courseMean Girls. She made her directorial debut with Netflix last year with the film Wine Country, and seems to be taking to the craft with her sophomore debut.

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