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Peacock Brings 'Frogger' To Life & A Brand New Season Of 'American Ninja Warrior Junior'

Peacock Brings 'Frogger' To Life & A Brand New Season Of 'American Ninja Warrior Junior' | CPTV

The competition has never been stronger!

Many remember Frogger as one of the defining games of the '80s and '90s.

The popular game was focused on directing each frog to its home by crossing a chaotic road and navigating a perilous river.

From the moment of its release, Frogger had an immediate success, transcending age and gender. It immediately became one of the top-grossing games in North America in 1981 and several remakes have been done since its debut.

Now, Peacock is bringing players to a real life course on a tricky obstacle, with contestants competing for $100,000.

Good Morning Football host and former Real World Chicago star Kyle Brandt acts a commentator on the competition show.

"The '80s come to life, video games come to life, sports come to life. You have people who are legitimately adults or kids in the '80s who played this, then you have the whole super young 'Stranger Things' fans who will just devour anything '80s. Then, you have the '90s crowd because George Costanza and Seinfeld's favorite video game was Frogger," Brandt said.

Frogger is streaming now on Peacock.

If Frogger wasn't enough, then these young competitors will certainly inspire.

American Ninja Warrior Junior follows young ninjas as travel from all over the United States to compete against each other on the iconic course.

Gold medalist swimmer Victoria Arlen talked about the great inspiration that these kids can provide to people watching at home, as we reach a year and a half of the coronavirus pandemic:

"I think after this crazy year and a half we've all been through we all could use these inspiring kids' message and all the things they have to say."

Swimmer's star Victoria Arlen will be part of the hosting team as these young ninjas compete for glory. Arlen guaranteed that the show will "blow your mind, for sure."

American Ninja Warrior Junior airs every Thursday on Peacock.

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