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Aasif Mandvi on His New Show 'Would I Lie to You'

Aasif Mandvi on His New Show 'Would I Lie to You'
Aasif Mandvi on Instagram

The CW's newest game show is helping celebrity contestants show off their lying skills! Show host Aasif Mandvi chatted with advocatechannel.com to tell us exactly what we can expect from the first season of "Would I Lie To You."

"Would I Lie To You" is based on the popular British show of the same name. In each episode, celebrity contestants share statements that are written on their cards.

Through asking questions and analyzing body language, the other team must decide if the story is true or made up. In addition to having Mandvi as a host, the teams are led by Matt Walsh and Sabrina Jalees. They must help their groups decide which contestants are sharing facts and which contestants are full of fiction.

Mandvi didn't initially envision himself as the show's host, but after binging the British series, he soon decided it would be a great addition to American TV.

"I watched the British show for a long time. I was a huge fan. It's been on for like 14 seasons," Mandvi shared. "I went to Robert and Michelle King, who I do 'Evil' with. I told them about the show. My wife and I had been watching it — for us. It's a respite for the insanity of the world. Robert and Michelle fell in love with it, and Robert said, 'Why don't we make the American version?'"

Mandvi has a long list of dream guests for future seasons, telling advocatechannel.com,

"If we do another season of this, there's a long list of names. I would love to have Jack Black on the show. Jim Gaffigan would be great on this show. There are so many great, funny people I've worked with over the years that I would love to have."

From "Evil" to "The Daily Show," Mandvi's resume showcases a variety projects, each different from the next...and this is one he's excited to add to the bunch!

"I've been very fortunate in that I've gotten to do a wide variety of things in my career; I've gotten to toggle back and forth between the dramatic stuff and comedic stuff," he said. "I'm shooting 'Evil' now, and this [show] is a complete departure. It's a whole other side of me as a performer, as an artist. It allows me to stretch and flex both sides of my acting, comedic and dramatic."

Catch "Would I Lie To You?" Saturdays at 8:30 pm ET on The CW.

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